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Quarto Conservation

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Providing Conservation and Preservation Services to Collectors, Museums, Libraries, Archives, and Government Agencies since 1996.

Located outside Washington, DC in Silver Spring, Maryland, Quarto Conservation of Books & Paper, Inc. provides conservation treatment and preservation solutions for works of art on paper, books, manuscripts, documents, vellum, maps, ephemera, philatelic and non-western artifacts. Other services include needs assessment surveys, prioritization surveys, exhibition support, storage solutions, facsimiles, and protective enclosures.

How we work

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For Federal Agencies, Museums, and Libraries:

Quarto regularly works with many different government agencies, and is active on the System for Award Management (SAM). We are a FedLink vendor. We are a women and minority owned small business, and have Federal Security Clearance. Let us help your organization plan for future conservation and preservation projects. We offer preliminary consultations and estimates at no cost to institutions. 

For All Clients:

Quarto provides a free 30 min consultation at our studio in Silver Spring, Maryland. At this consultation, we will examine your object and determine how best to preserve it for future generations, taking into account the materials which make up the object as well as its intended use. The goal of conservation is not to return an object to its original appearance. Often this can only be achieved by using methods which will shorten the life of the object and/or destroy important historical information . We tailor our treatments to balance physical appearance, longevity, intended use, and budget. All treatments adhere to the American Institute for Conservation of Artistic and Historic Works (AIC) code of Ethics, including written and photographic documentation. 


Often the best course of action for preserving an object is a stable storage solution to protect against changes in temperature and relative humidity, as well as providing protection from water and fire damage. We provide many different storage solutions for flat paper and bound objects. Examples include preservation matting and framing, museum storage boxes, archival storage, and custom book enclosures. 

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